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Burst Pipes

Need burst pipe repairs in Brisbane?

Burst pipes can have serious consequences. If you have fluctuating water pressure or you can see water stains on your walls, give our plumbers a call immediately. Our experienced and highly qualified plumbers can identify the root cause of the burst pipe quickly. With our experience and knowledge, we will be able to limit the damage caused by a burst pipe and solve the problem permanently.

We prioritise emergency plumbing problems. If you have a burst pipe in your home or commercial property, give us a call and we will be there in a flash! We will also give you quick expert advice so the damage is minimised until we get there.

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A burst pipe can damage your property in seconds…..

Water leaks and burst pipes can flood your property in seconds. Even small leaks can weaken the structural integrity of your home or office and put the occupants at risk if left unattended to for extended periods of time. Unfortunately the damage caused by burst pipes is often not covered under home or building insurance.

Also, stagnant water can attract mosquitoes and insects leading to serious diseases. Contact Purity Plumbing to uncover any suspected water leaks and to fix burst pipes as soon as you notice a problem.

What to do when you a discover burst or leaking pipes?

  • Turn off the water supply at the mains immediately
  • Call your local plumber, we can repair the burst pipe quickly and also help prevent future incidents. If you weren’t able to turn off the water supply, our expert plumbers can help you with quick tips over the phone.
  • Clean up the water by using towels and mop to prevent it from damaging your furniture, flooring, and appliances
  • Turn on an outdoor or garden tap to allow the water in the pipes to flow out safely, reducing the mess inside.

Reasons for burst pipes

Cold weather is one of the major reason behind burst pipes but other things like corrosion, tree roots, high water pressure or wear & tear can also damage the pipes. Even small leaks can damage your home significantly, so if you observe water puddles around your home for no reason or damp walls, give us a call straight away.

Old Pipes

Pipes can suffer from wear and tear over time - extreme weather variations can also cause the pipe to expand and contract. Eventually, the pipe deteriorates to a point where it ends up breaking.


If you are getting brown water from the taps, you could be dealing with corroded pipes. Rust can lead to water leaks and should be checked by a professional at the earliest.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can put pressure on underground pipes causing cracks which can lead to leaks which are very difficult to identify.

High Water Pressure

Water pressure in most residential properties is set to 500 kPa (72.5 psi) and is regulated with the help of a pressure valve regulator. If the water pressure is higher than this it can put stress on the pipes causing the pipes to burst.

Signs your pipes need repairs

Fluctuating water pressure - if a pipe has a small hole your water pressure can drop significantly. So when you turn on the taps or shower the water supply is reduced. Pressure fluctations can damage your plumbing systems and should be checked immediately.

Brown or rust-filled water- if your water has turned brown, it is likely that your pipes are corroded. (If only the hot water is brown this could indicate an issue with your hot water system.) Rust can cause small leakages in the pipes, affect hot water systems, and also cause plumbing systems to break down prematurely.

Stains on ceilings and walls - Water stains or dampness on ceilings and walls can indicate a leak in a pipe or plumbing fixture. In this situation, give us a call immediately.

High water bill - A dripping tap can waste more than 9000 litres of water annually and a leaking toilet can waste more than 60,000 litres of water in a year. These leaks can be easily seen and fixed but if you have a hidden leak from a broken undeground pipe, you may only notice it in your water bill. If your water usage has been the same but the bill is unusually high, burst water pipe can be the culprit.

Burst Pipe Specialists Brisbane

Why choose Purity Plumbing?

  • Available 24/7 - we understand plumbing problems don’t happen at a time convenient for us. That’s why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a burst pipe, give us a call and our emergency plumbers is ready to help.
  • Fully stocked vehicles - Our plumbers will arrive at your premises with all the tools and commonly used parts to repair the burst pipe quickly.
  • Lifetime guarantee - Every project we do is backed by our workmanship and lifetime labour guarantee.
  • Punctual - No waiting around - we will turn up for your job at the agreed time and complete the job efficiently.
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Your Local Brisbane Burst Pipe Experts

If you need emergency burst pipe repairs, give us a call on 5471 6697 or complete our online booking form.

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