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What is a gas compliance certificate?

A gas compliance certificate is a certificate completed by a licensed gas fitter after they have installed all, or part, of your installation. This ensures that the equipment is safely in compliance with legal standards and regulations for natural gas and LPG.

The gas fitter will:

  • Give you the original copy of the gas system inspection certificate or email you an electronic copy
  • Attach an identifying label for the gas fuel system and keep an e-certificate in their records for at least 3 years

The certificate can be issued electronically, via a paperless e-certificate or by a carbon copy certificate book and will be issued within 30 days displaying compliance.

gas fitter with gas hot water system

When do you need a gas compliance certificate?

  • When gas is initially connected to your building
  • A new gas pipe is installed
  • Installing a new gas appliance such as: heaters, hot water systems, oven or BBQ
  • A gas appliance is repaired or replaced

What is the difference between a gas certificate and a gas plate?

A gas plate is similar to the gas compliance certificate but it's a physical metal that will need to be attached to the gas installation, if you have one linked to the gas network. Your gas fitter will attach one on the inside door of the electrical meter box.

The gas plate will be engraved by a mechanical stamp with the following details:

  • The licence number of the gas fitter
  • Date of installation
  • Reference number of your gas compliance certificate
  • The reference number associated with each gas device connected

This means, if you are using natural gas or LPG, you must have a gas plate as well as a compliance certificate. However, if you use gas bottles only, you do not require a gas compliance certificate, but only a certificate of inspection instead.

What if you fail the gas certificate assessment?

If the gas fitter has safety concerns about your gas system, you will be given a defect notice. This notice means that there is imminent risk of harm to persons or property. Appropriate actions must be taken to diminish the risk and it must be reported immediately to the gas network.

If the risk is rectified immediately and the safety concern is abated, you will not be given a defect notice.

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