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How to fix a leaking tap

Leaking taps are one of the most common and annoying plumbing problems you can have; from the annoying ‘drip drip’ to the waste of water and potentially leading to further problems.

So, the question is: how do you fix a leaking tap?

It may be possible to fix a leaking tap by yourself if you follow some simple steps. If the leak is caused by a worn seat washer, or damaged O-ring, you can replace it yourself!

If you are not confident or the steps below do not fix the leaking tap, call our plumbers today and we will fix your dripping tap quickly.

Dripping tap

1. Turn off the mains water supply

Always turn off the mains water supply first, then turn on the tap that you are working on until all the water runs out.

2. Remove the handles

Remove the decorative cap if necessary (the “hot” and cold” markers), unscrew the handle and remove it.

3. Remove the stem & check for O-ring damage

Underneath the handles that you have removed, you will find the stem. The steam sits in the O-ring, which in turn sits on a seat washer. The seat washer is made from rubber and if it is old and worn, this may be the culprit of your leaking tap!

fix leaking tap

Pull the stem out and the O-ring will be presented. This is thinner than the seat washer and is the other usual suspect for a leaking tap! Replace the O-ring with one of the same size.

fix tap drip washer

4. Remove the seat washer & replace

Below the O-ring is the seat washer, which is held in place with an upside down brass screw. Replace the seat washer with an exact match and ensure you cover it with grease prior to replacing it though.

5. Reassemble all of the parts & test

Reassemble the seat washer, O-ring and handles and reassemble the tap. Your leak should now be fixed! If not, it's time to call the experts...

Your local plumber Brisbane & Logan

For the best, fully qualified and experienced plumbers for your leaking taps at your home or business, contact Purity Plumbing now on 0488 856 891 or complete our online enquiry form.


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