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Is a wet and soggy patch ruining your perfectly landscaped garden? Does your garden get flooded every time it rains? Sounds like you need drainage expertswho can fix the backyard drainage. Poor drainage can cause various problems like weed infestation, soggy yards.

Channel drains, swales, trench drains and french drains are some of the common backyard drainage solutions.


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Common backyard drainage issues

A flooded yard can cause some non-serious and serious structural damage. The early signs of poor drainage include:

  • Eroded top layer of the soil
  • Water pooling around the downpipes and gutters
  • Water doesn't get absorbed by the soil, causing the soil and mulch to wash over the yard and might end up in the drains clogging
  • Poor drainage can damage the retaining wall and structural foundation of your home

How can we resolve your backyard drainage issues?

Our drainage plumbers can put a correct and extensive drainage system in your backyard. For example,if your problem is a soggy yard, a french drain can move the excess surface water and direct it underground. if your driveway gets inundated with water, a trench drain can help. We provide a range of surface drainage and sub-surface drainage solutions including but not limited to:

  • French Drain or Subsurface Drain
  • Trench Drains or Surface Drain
  • Soak wells
  • Stormwater Drainage Solutions - Stormwater drains and pits
  • Swale Drains
  • Spoon drains
  • Agricultural drains (Also called aggi drains, ag pipes, agi pipes, ag line)

Your Trusted Backyard Drainage Specialists Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South

For all your backyard drainage issues, you can count on the drainage experts at Purity Plumbing. Give us a call on 0488 856 891or complete our online backyard drainage form.