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Comprehensive blocked drain repairs

The qualified and professional plumbers at Purity Plumbing are your trusted specialists when it comes to blocked drains in the Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South areas. We offer a quick and efficient blocked drain solutionsfor your home or business, with our industry experts being able to determine the cause of the blockage, remove it and carry out any other repair or maintenance work within no time at all, and all within your budget. We also ensure that we provide the least amount of disruption as possible when completing the job, so you can get back to your day.

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Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South blocked drains service

Are the drains in your home:

  • Slow to drain, or not draining at all?
  • Making strange gurgling noises?
  • Releasing a foul smell?
  • Is the water in your toilet too high or too low?

If you are experiencing any (or all) of the above, it is likely that you have a blocked drain that requires unclogging. The friendly team at Purity Plumbing know how inconvenient this can be, and can provide speedy, reliable and affordable drainage solutions for your home or office. Whether it's a small blockage in your bathroom basin or a large buildup of grease and grime in your kitchen sink, we offer a range of blocked drain services for every budget.

Drain cleaning Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South

The licensed plumbersat Purity Plumbinghave extensive industry experience when it comes to drain cleaning, including both stormwater and sewer drains. We know that drain cleaning isn't the most glamorous job around, but someone has to do it and we are the experts in Brisbane, all year round.

We have the latest equipment and plumbing solutions to ensure every job is completed quickly, efficiently and without causing too much disruption to you or your home or office. We also ensure we always clean up after ourselves, leaving our working area as if we were never there.

Your local and reliable blocked drain plumber

Drains and properly designed drainage systems are an important part of any home or office and blockages are not only a nuisance, they can be a plumbing catastrophe when left untreated. We understand that blocked drains can happen both inside and outside of normal working hours and sometimes just can't be left alone, which is why we offer a 24 hour plumbing service to assist residents in the Brisbane and Bayside areas with any blocked drain emergency.

We wouldn't want to be left without assistance with a plumbing emergency, so why should you?

Why contact a blocked drain plumber?

There are so many plumbing DIY videos around to help with unblocking drains, and they may seem like a great answer. They seem easy and quick to do, but be mindful of often-overlooked safety and hygiene hazards that come with dealing with drain fluids and gases.

The safest way to unblock a drain is to contact a licensed plumber. Purity Plumbing are blocked drain specialists, and we have the right tools and technology to quickly clear blocked drains and have them running freely before other issues arise. We are qualified industry professionals who have extensive experience in unblocking drains in Brisbane and Bayside suburbs, meaning your drainage issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently (and within your budget).

How to unblock a drain

Your local blocked drain specialists

If you are after some more information regarding our blocked drain services, or need some assistance in your home or office, give Purity Plumbing a call today on 1300 257 385 or complete an online blocked drain clearingform.