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Looking for a reliable plumber to install a French Drain?

Is your yard a constantly wet and soggy mess? If the answer is yes, It's very likely you have a drainage problem. The team at Purity Plumbing has years of experience helping people tackle their wet yard issues with state-of-the-art solutions that are designed to last for decades at minimum maintenance cost, specializing in the installation of French drains.

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What is a french drain?

A french drain is a low-maintenance, cost-effective way to redirect water away from your property without clogging up land or creating damage. They can be installed in just a few hours and don't require any major digging, saving you costs on expensive excavation work.

A french drain contains a sloping perforated pipe that redirects surface and groundwater away from the area. The pipe is positioned in a trench that is completely covered with gravel or rock or at times both are used to cover the pipe. They are a proven drainage solution for flooded yards and gardens or any areas affected by poor drainage.

A french drain will provide an effective drainage system for years to come that makes even heavy rains easy to manage. It will prevent standing water that can damage plants, cause soil erosion, reduce grass growth, and create unpleasant odours and mould growth.

French drains are also referred to as:

  • A weeping tile
  • Trench drain
  • Filter drain
  • Blind drain
  • Rubble drain
  • Rock drain
  • Perimeter drain
  • Land Drain
  • French ditch
  • Subsurface drain
  • Subsoil drain
  • Agricultural drain

Signs that you need a french drain

  • Constantly wet, soggy lawn
  • Signs of soil erosion
  • Cracks appearing in retaining walls
  • Damp stains on walls or floors
  • Lingering unpleasant odour in affected areas

Your local french drain specialists

Purity Plumbing strives to deliver the very best plumbing services, with unbeatable efficiency and quality craftsmanship. We provide plumbing services for residential and commercial properties in Brisbane. Our plumbers keep the lines of communication open with our customers. Provide emergency plumbing services and endeavor to respond to all non-urgent queries within 24 hours.

If you are after some more information regarding a French drain, or need help with your backyard drainage, give Purity Plumbing a call today on 0488 856 891or complete an online french drain bookingform.