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Uncover the problems lurking in your drains

Know what's going on in your drains and pipes with a CCTV drain camera inspection. Drain cameras can help us identify the problem areas and the reason for blocked drains. Whether you have sewage backing up in your home, slowly draining water or gurgling drains, a drain camera inspection can help us resolve your drainage issues without any fuss.

We provide CCTV drain camera inspections throughout Brisbane, Redland Bay and Logan. Don't get stuck with a blocked drain, get in contact with us today.


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How does a CCTV Drain Camera Work?

For a blocked drain problem, the first step is to investigate the cause of the blockage. And that's done by using drain camera - the camera is fed down the pipe. The camera is fitted at the end of a flexible push road and can inspect bends and turns in the pipes with ease. Our plumber will monitor the live feed on a screen us to see the condition of the pipes and source of the blockage. The camera head can be rotated to analyse the pipe from all angles. The footage can also be stored on a DVD or USB for future reference.

These cameras are sophisticated and can be used for both small and large diameter pipes. Plus they remove the guesswork out of the picture. Many plumbers use electric eel or drain snake to inspect the pipe which can not identify the actual cause of the blockage and damage the pipes even more. Take the guesswork out of the picture and book plumbers who use the latest technology.

CCTV Drain Camera | Plumbing Inspections | Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South

Applications of CCTV Drain Camera Technology

A drain camera is used to detect blockages caused by:

  • Broken or cracked sections in the pipe - a damaged pipe will get clogged up with food, sewage and other debris that you flush down the drains
  • Old pipes or collapsed pipes - pipes can collapse due to the movement of earth, old age or heavy vehicles travelling over the pipe
  • Tree root intrusion - tree roots are attracted to sources of water and nutrients. Roots can make their way into pipes through small cracks and block the pipes significantly within weeks
  • Debris - Leaves, food particles, wet wipes can combine with fats, oil and grease creating a smelly fatberg

Benefits of CCTV Plumbing Inspections

CCTV drain cameras provide clear, high-quality footage to identify the source of the blockage. Once we know what's going on, we can create a clear strategy to unblock the pipes.

The inspection usually takes a couple of hours so you won't have to wait a long-time for repairs. Moreover, it is fast, non-invasive and provides an accurate diagnosis

A regular plumbing inspection is vital to maintain the health of your drainage system. And a drain camera can help you achieve that, it is in fact better to schedule drain camera inspections once a year to know the health of your plumbing system. Preventative maintenance can help prevent nasty and stubborn blockages and expensive repairs.

Drain Camera Inspections | Blocked Drains Plumbers | Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South

Your Local CCTV Drain Camera Specialists

If you need a CCTV drain camera inspection for your home or business, look no further than the drainage specialists at Purity Plumbing. Give us a call on 0488 856 981 or complete our booking form .