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Certified Gas Bayonet Fitting Services Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South

Want to stay warm this winter? Or do you need an outdoor gas barbecue to cook up a storm and have some drinks with your mates? Whether you need a gas heater or BBQ, a gas bayonet fitting is essential for a safe, reliable gas supply.

At Purity Plumbing, our licensed gas fitterscan help with gas bayonet installation and replacement services throughout Brisbane. Whether you have a residential or commercial gas requirement, you can count on our friendly and skilled gas fitters.


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What is a Gas Bayonet Fitting?

A gas bayonet consists of two parts. The male component is attached to the end of the gas appliance hose and the female component is attached to the wall or floor fitted gas pipe.

The female component has two locking lugs that engage with the male component. To connect, the male connector is inserted into the female fitting, pushed and twisted clockwise. A rubber ‘o-ring' seals the connections and ensures the gas supply is safe. To disconnect the gas supply, the end of the appliance hose is pushed slightly, twisted anti-clockwise and the fitting is pulled out.

Gas Bayonet Installation Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South

We provide gas bayonet installation services for a range of indoor and outdoor appliances including:

  • Gas Heaters
  • Barbecues
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas Log Fires
  • Hydronic Gas Heaters
  • Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Freestanding Ovens and Gas Stoves

Gas Bayonet Test and Replacement Services Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South

Do you smell a gas leak in your home? It could be due to a faulty gas bayonet fitting. Our emergency gas fitters can help with the testing and replacement of bayonets.

We will check your system to see if the leak is due to the gas bayonet. Leaks can sometimes arise around the bayonet fittings especially if dust or bugs get inside the fitting. If the bayonet is faulty, we will remove and replace the bayonet fitting, restore the gas supply and test the bayonet fittings and gas appliances. After the completion of the tests, we will provide a gas compliance certificateto provide a record that the work is done to the highest industry standards and is free from defects.

Maintenance of Gas Bayonets

Regular maintenance will prevent gas leaks and ensure your gas appliances are safe to use.

  • The gas bayonet fittings should be clean and free from dirt or debris
  • Inspect the gas bayonet hose and fittings for any damage
  • You can also put bayonet dust covers to prevent dirt or insects getting into the fittings especially if you are using outdoor gas BBQ or heaters
  • Install a flued gas heater as it releases harmful gas fumes outside keeping you safe from health issues

Our gas fitters will discuss all the different fittings and dust covers available and we will install the fittings best suited to your appliance requirements.

Prompt and Professional Gas Fitters Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South

Need a gas appliance installation or an emergency gas leak repair service? Our gas fitters are available 24/7 and can provide immediate assistance with any gas issue.

We provide gas compliance certificates and workmanship guarantees with all our gas fitting services. So you can rest assured that your gas appliance is safe to use and free from defects. Get in contact with us today on 0488 856 891 or complete our online gas bayonet fitting request form.