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Gas cooktop installation

Looking for a reliable gas fitter for a gas cooktop install?

Our professional gas fitters have years of experience in gas fitting and can handle all kinds of gas services, including installing a wide range of gas cooktops. We provide prompt service, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

At Purity Plumbing we understand that time is of the essence, and assure you that you won't have to wait weeks to have your new gas cooktop installed. We will work diligently to have you cooking and enjoying the benefits of your new gas hob, as soon as possible.

Purity Plumbing's motto is ‘We don't walk away until you are 100% satisfied with the work completed’. Book a Purity gas plumber to install your cooktop today.


Gas stovetop installation service

Gas cooktops often referred to as gas hobs are one of the most common gas appliances we installed.

The installation of any gas appliance must be carried out by a licensed gas fitter to meet Australian regulations. We provide you with a gas compliance certificate upon completion. This certificate acknowledges you have gas and gas appliances installed and supplied to your property by a qualified gas fitter, and that the gas work that has been completed is safe and complies with the relevant QLD building and safety standards.

Gas cooktop with 5 burners

Gas cooktop connection

Whether you are adding a new gas cooktop or replacing an existing unit our gas fitting team will ensure the appliance is connected safely. From adding natural gas pipes and bayonet fitting to installing an LPG regulator, our gas fitters will take care of it all.

Benefits of cooking with gas

Gas provides complete control of the cooking process. From grilling a steak to a gentle simmer for your favourite custard pie recipe, gas offers instant temperature adjustments for every dish.

Gas provides even heat and with a wide range of gas burner sizes and shapes to choose from you can ensure balanced cooking for every meal. From wok burners to teppanyaki plates you can choose a gas cooktop for your precise cooking needs.

Purity gas plumber with ute

Your local gas fitters in Brisbane, Logan & Redlands

Your local plumbers and gas fitters, servicing Brisbane, Redland Bay and Logan, call Purity Plumbing today for all your plumbing and gas fitting needs at 0432 074 459 or complete our online gas plumber booking form today.


What is a gas compliance certificate?
A gas compliance certificate is a certificate completed by a licensed gas fitter after they have installed all, or part, of your installation. This ensures t...

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