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Gas Compliance Certificate - What You Need To Know?

If you have any gas installations or work carried out in your home or office, you need to ensure that they are compliant with the standards and regulations within Queensland. The certificate informs your gas supplier that the installation is done by a professional and it is safe and legal to supply gas to the premises. Insurance companies do not cover fire or claims caused by DIY or unlicensed gas work. If you have any questions regarding gas compliance or gas fitting work, contact our trusted Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South gas fitters today.


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What is a Gas Compliance Certificate?

A gas compliance certificate is provided when gas fitting work is completed for an LPG or Natural Gas appliance. It is documentation that states that the gas installation is compliant with the relevant safety standards and regulations. The Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety Act) 2004 is the act that covers the regulations around work done on gas systems.

Why is it Essential to get a Gas Compliance Certificate?

The reasons for getting a gas compliance certificate are:

  • Safety - Gas can be very dangerous so having a compliance certificate ensures your appliance is safe to use. So you can rest assured that you and your family are safe if the appliance is used correctly and to the manufacturers guidelines.
  • Resolve future issues - in case of any problems in the future caused by potential faulty workmanship or if you need an insurance claim, the certificate comes in handy to show that the work was done by a qualified person.

When is a Gas System Compliance Cert Needed?

A compliance certificate is issued for:

  • Installation of a new gas pipe
  • Extending or repairing existing gas pipe
  • Installation of a new gas appliance - heater, hot water system, stove, cooktops, ovens, barbecue, etc.
  • Replacing an existing gas appliance
  • Gas Bayonet Fittings

Within 5 business days after completing the work, the gas fitter must:

  • Test the installation for defects
  • Provide a certificate of compliance to the customer and the gas provider

The gas fitter is also required to keep the copy for at least 3 years.

Gas Compliance Certificate example QLD
Sample Gas Compliance Certificate

How to Obtain a Gas Compliance Certificate?

A qualified and licensed gas fitter is the only person that can issue a gas compliance certificate. Your gas fitter must hold a Gas Work License or authorisation. If you are unsure whether the tradesperson you have hired is licenced for the work you need, ask to see their licence or alternatively, you can do a quick online check here -

Do You Really Need The Certificate?

The simple answer is Yes.

In Australia, all work involving gas must be completed by a licensed gas fitter. After testing, the compliance certificate is issued to the property owner and also provided to the gas provider. If the gas provider doesn't receive the certificate they are permitted to switch off the gas supply or not provide it in the first place.

Gas Compliance Plate

Your gas fitter will also attach a compliance plate on the installation of a gas system or for a gas system supplied with fuel from a gas network.

The gas compliance plate includes the following information:

  • Gas work license of the installer
  • Date of the installation
  • Reference number of the gas compliance certificate
  • Type of gas devices connected and each indicated with a device code

The compliance plate is fitted inside the electrical meter box.

Avoid DIY or Unlicensed Gas Fitting Work

The certificate is given only if the gas fitter works on the gas appliance connected to the gas network. It cannot be provided for work conducted by another person or if it was a DIY job. If you try and complete the gas work yourself and it causes the appliance to fail, your warranty will be cancelled. Moreover, your insurance can also become void.

Need a Gas Certificate of Compliance?

Purity Plumbing can issue a COC for gas fixture or fitting to confirm that the Queensland regulations and standards have been met. Give us a call on 0488 856 891 or complete our online enquiry form.