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Is the banging or rattling noise from pipes disrupting your life?

You get up in the middle of the night and turn on the tap to have a glass of water. But then you get scared to death with a banging noise from the wall. It's not a ghost… it's just a noisy pipe.

Odd and loud noises from pipes can be due to a serious problem in your plumbing system. Water hammer, loose pipes or high water pressure are a few reasons behind noisy pipes. If you are affected by noisy pipes, do not panic - it is often easy to fix. Our licensed plumberscan respond quickly and ensure the issue in your home or business is fixed without delay.

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What causes noisy water pipes?

Some of the most common reasons for noisy water piper are as follows:

  • Loose Pipes
  • Water Hammer
  • Copper Pipes
  • High water pressure
  • Worn-out washers
  • Faulty main shut-off valve
  • Worn out ballcock assembly

Don't ignore these noises coming from the pipes

These weird noises can help our plumbers diagnose the exact issue. The noises you hear from your pipes can be an indicator of a fault in your plumbing system. It may lead to burst pipes, water leaks, pipe damage, so if you hear any weird noises from the pipes, give our reliable Logan, Redlands and Brisbane South plumbers a call and we will solve the problem ASAP.

Hammering or banging noise

Do you hear loud bangs, knocks or thuds randomly?

This is an indicator of water hammer, it happens when the water supply is turned off and the water slams against a shutoff valve. Your home can even shake from this impact. Water hammer can damage the pipes and is a major reason behind burst pipes.

Struggling with loud banging noises in your home or office? Give us a call now and our plumber will attend to your problem immediately.

Banging or Hammering Noise from Pipes | Fix Water Hammer

Rattling or shaking noise

If you flush the toilet and hear a shaking or rattling sound, it can be an indicator of a worn-out ballcock assembly.

A rattling sound may also signify loose pipes. If the pipes are not secured properly, they can cause a rattling or shaking noises as water flows through them within the walls of your home. This can be fixed by identifying and securing all the loose pipes.

Whistling noise

Whistling noise from a tap can be due to a worn washer or a dirty aerator in the tap. It can also come from your toilet and could be due to a ballcock valve or a vertical overflow tube.

It could also be due to a broken pressure regulator, defective main water supply valve or mineral buildup in the pipe.

Humming, thrumming or vibrating noise

These noises can be due to high water pressure. Your appliances can get damaged by high water pressure and you can also get a high water bill.

Water pressure issues can be fixed by installing a pressure regulator.

Rumbling noise

It is not your stomach which is rumbling. You may have a large accumulation of sediment in your water heater or pipes.

Creaking or squealing Noise

Do you hear a creaking sound after you have taken a hot water shower?

Copper pipes can expand as hot water travels through them. They will ultimately contract and retain their shape again resulting in squeaking noises as they rub against the walls. This can arise when the copper pipes are not insulated properly.

Dripping noise

A constant dripping or ticking sound can be annoying. It can be an indicator of a loose pipe or thermal expansion.

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Prevention is better than a cure… so as soon as a plumbing problem arises, it is important to reach out to professionals who can do timely repairs.

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