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Hot Water System Types

Hot water systems of all types, shapes and sizes

When it comes to hot water in Brisbane, many of us take it for granted. However, when it becomes time for a new hot water system, the decision can sometimes be a little overwhelming... and that is where Purity Plumbing can help! Our plumbers are experts when it comes to hot water systems to suit a variety of needs, including eco-friendly and cost effective solutions for both large and small families and businesses. Give us a call to find out more now!

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Electric hot water systems

Electric hot water systems are one of the types you've likely heard of before, as they are the most common hot water heater option in Australia. There are two electric hot water system types - instant and storage - and they come in a variety of sizes to meet household and business needs. Instant systems heat water as and when you need it, whereas storage hot water systems hold already heated water in a tank for usage.

Electric hot water systems have a bit of a bad name, due to older models being very costly to run and producing high levels of greenhouse gases. As time goes on however, many of the major brands are manufacturing units that are a lot more environmentally-conscious and energy-efficient.

Did you know about 25% of energy use in households is for water heating and 52% of this is electric water heating in Australia? - Energy Rating

Solar hot water systems

Solar hot water systems are becoming more and more common, using renewable energy to heat water for you to use. They have two main configurations:

  • Close coupled : Both the tank and the collectors are both located on the roof.
  • Split system : The tank is located on the ground and the collectors are located on the roof.

If you are worried about cloudy days or heating water overnight, there are gas or electric boosters available to help out too.

Gas hot water systems

Gas hot water systems are another well-known water heater option, with both instant and storage choices on the market. They can be run on LPG or natural gas, depending on whether your home or workplace is (or can be) connected to mains gas.

Gas hot water systems are also commonly used as back-ups to solar hot water systems too.

Heat pump hot water system

Finally, heat pump hot water systems use the heat in the air, water or ground to heat up water. In Australia, most heat pump hot water systems use heat from the air as well as electricity. Although this may lead some people to believe that the use of electricity is not environmentally-friendly, this isn't actually the case. Heat pump hot water systems are actually quite energy-efficient, as the energy is used for the compressor and not to heat the tank water itself.

Instant hot water systems

As mentioned about, instant hot water systems only heat water as you require it. Gas and electric hot water systems come in both instant and storage options, depending on your circumstances and needs. Instant systems are also known as continuous flow, instantaneous or tankless options and, if you have chosen the correctly-sized system, you should never (theoretically) run out of water.

Range of hot water system brands across Brisbane

The Purity Plumbing team have extensive experience with a range of hot water brands for both homes and workplaces in Brisbane. We know our way around all the major brands and styles, allowing us to provide practical and knowledgeable advice to our customers for jobs of all shapes and sizes.

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