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Instant Hot Water Systems

Extensive instantaneous hot water system options

Purity Plumbing are one of the most trusted companies available when it comes to instant hot water systems across Brisbane. We offer both electric and gas instantaneous hot water system solutions to homes and businesses in the region, ensuring no household or workplace is without hot water when they need it most. From installation to repairs to maintenance and servicing, call and speak to one of our qualified plumbers today to find out more today!

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What is an instant hot water system?

An instant hot water system, also known as a continuous flow, tankless or instantaneous hot water system, is an alternative to the traditional storage options used in the past. The basis of an instant water heater is simple - water is heated as and when you need it, instead of being heated and stored.

Why choose an instantaneous hot water system?

There are a range of benefits when it comes to instant hot water systems including:

  • Less wasted water.
  • Less wasted energy.
  • More eco-friendly that storage options.
  • Flexible installation options.
  • Longer life expectancy than traditional options.

And that is just the beginning - speak to our team of hot water experts for more information!

Instant electric hot water water systems

If an electric hot water system is an option you prefer, but you are conscious of their effects on the environment, an instant electric hot water system is a great solution. Suitable for both households and workplaces and available in a variety of sizes, instantaneous electric hot water systems save both water and electricity while still providing you with hot water whenever you need it.

Instant gas hot water system solutions

If an eco-friendly hot water system is an important feature to you, an instant gas hot water system is a choice you should definitely consider. Also named continuous gas hot water systems, tankless gas water heaters, instantaneous gas hot water systems and gas continuous flow hot water systems, instant gas options only heat water as you need it, ensuring less energy is used and wasted. These options can be located either inside or outside, with both flued and unflued units available, and can be used for homes or businesses. Speak to us to find out more.

How can we help with your instant hot water needs?

The Purity Plumbing team have extensive experience when it comes to instant hot water, allowing us to provide all our customers with knowledgeable and practical advice whatever their circumstances. We understand that people have different budgets and varying needs, meaning that a 'one-size-fits-all' approach just won't work. This is why we customise every instant hot water system job we do, to ensure you receive exactly what you need, every time. We offer installation, repair and maintenance services for a range of hot water brands, offering you peace of mind you are working with professionals you can trust.

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Professional instant hot water experts

If you would like further information in relation to instant hot water systems and how they can benefit your home or business in Brisbane, give Purity Plumbing a call on 0488 856 891 or complete an enquiry form. We are the instant hot water experts that you can trust, so get in contact now!